My resume

Currently, I’m leading a UX Team @iyzico.

UX Team Lead • 2019-Current

I’m lead a UX Team that design new features & maintains the products in our Checkout Form, Merchant Panel, Buyer Protection, and Consumer App. I collaborate closely with product managers, developers, and marketing team.

iyzico offers payment processing and gateway solutions to merchants and small-medium businesses. Operates in Turkey with more than 50k+ merchants and 1.6M+ consumer wallet accounts. In 2019, iyzico was acquired by PayU for 165M$.

User Experience Specialist • 2015-2019

I designed a loan application, p2p money transfer with QR code, and virtual POS application flow for Garanti BBVA Mobile Banking Application. I made user research, data analysis, and usability tests for those projects.

Also, I designed a new search page on our public site. We started with the Google Analytics page report and I made a user test with 7 people. After that, we developed a better search results page and reached huge customer satisfaction. We used Hotjar to calculate the NPS.

Garanti BBVA, which is one of the most prestigious banks in Turkey. They are also among the 30 most valuable companies traded in the Turkish Stock Market (BIST)

User Experience Designer • 2015-2015

While working at Userspots, I supported too many products for optimization. Since Userspots is a design agency that focuses on user experience, we made too many facelift projects. I and my team made workshops with our customers to find the optimization, improvement area. After that, I set up and ran the AB test hypothesis, collected some data, and presented our results.
I usually worked with eCommerce, tourism, and financial products.

User Experience Designer • 2014-2015

I designed the user flows, wireframes, and IA for facelift projects. Since our user interfaces were old school and working slowly, we had too many user experience problems. When we developed a new backend and infrastructure we decided to design a new website.

Also, I focused on the sharing user experience design mindset. My co-worker and I educated our product managers and developers about user experience. We made so many presentations for this.

User Experience Designer • 2012-2014

I worked on checkout flow optimization projects. I started with user tests and Google Analytics reports. I collected those insights and I designed a new flow. Also, I integrated the QUAL and QUANT UX methodologies in our product development flow. We made it a habit user research and start with why?

I joined as a front-end developer at markafoni. Also, I focused on the “user experience” term. I got some online lessons for user research and usability. One year later we built a User Experience Team and I was the first worker on that team.

Front End Developer • 2011-2012

I was graduated from a computer programming school. I worked for flight booking, mortgage loan application projects for web and mobile websites. I developed new features with the development team. I typed CSS, HTML, and JS also I used jQuery on our projects.

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