Why I start blogging? Again!

I remember my first blog years ago. It was in 2008, almost 16 years ago. I’m currently translating some article blog posts to my Turkish blog. Sometimes, I copy and paste posts 🙈 from my friends’ blogs.

There is an example article about Ajax. Liseliler bilmez.

After that, I started writing again on Medium.com. There are still publications there at https://medium.com/fa-ux. My first post is from 2014 😱

To be honest, I had really good stats for my small publication.

I’ve received many positive responses, and I’ve also spoken at some events as a speaker because of these articles.

Anyway, I want to summarize my thoughts on why I want to start blogging again:

  1. Creating a change-log for my life
  2. Sharing blogs on my website for design and product discussions
  3. Building an audience, especially among individuals interested in product design.