? I’m Furkan Açıkgöz

I’m a User Experience Designer with 10 years of experience, based in Rotterdam ?? I’m focused on user experience design and product strategy. I’ve used these skills to solve problems in numerous spaces from Low-Code, Banking, Tourism, E-commerce and more.

Currently, I’m designing usable products and services at @mendix

You can review my latest projects

Pay with

My and our team build an additional payment method for the Turkish eCommerce ecosystem.


We built a new generation wallet. Complete your payment with one click!

Garanti BBVA Withdraw with QR 

How we reduced queues in front of
bank ATMs?

Garanti Smart Transactions

We built smart actions for the digital banking app. You can easily save money, order bill pay, etc.

Create products your users will want to use with these mindsets


Collect qual & quant data from users and prioritize with goals.


Keep design consistency. And build scaleable design system.


“Monitor, Measure and Optimize” that is my career motto.

Do you want to free UX audit for your product?

Last April I build a side product. It’s UXZONE.CO! You can review your product using my usability suggestions
Currently only for Turkish customers.

Last month I’ve 426 subscriber ? ?